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A smarter way to think about website design.

The traditional web design process and approach is broken. You are wasting your time and money on your website and probably don’t even know it. Your website is or should be the focal point of all of your marketing efforts and should be your best sales tool yet the traditional approach to website design has fundamental flaws and causes wasted opportunity.

There is a smarter way to think about web design. Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a proactive and continual process which is far more focused towards converting visitors to leads, and leads to customers.

Today, visitors and buyers hold all of power and your website needs to cater to their expectations. Rather than design your website the way that you want to, we at Digital 1 are actually studying your visitors/users engagement and then making changes to guarantee the website is designed the way you need it be.

Your customers are constantly changing and their tendencies and habits may deviate due to your industry changing. Constantly monitoring and accommodating these changes within your entire online presence is essential to driving business growth with your website. This is a pillar of Growth-Driven Design.

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Growth-Driven Design is a new approach and way of thinking about building and growing your website.


GDD is the new gold standard for delivering results and bringing measurable business value through web design. It is a smarter, agile and data driven approach that minimizes the pitfalls of traditional web design and produces high-performing websites. Want to learn more about Growth-Driven Design and how it can help your company? Download our e-book “An Introduction to Growth-Driven Design” by clicking the button below!

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Interested in seeing the difference between Growth-Driven Design and Traditional Design?
Check out the chart below to see how the two methodologies compare!


  • Custom Responsive Design + WordPress CMS
  • Built for your customer persona(s)
  • Quick and efficient website launch (45-60 days from start of project)
  • Website design driven by user data
  • Relatively small time commitment
  • Constant website optimization focused on return on investment
  • Helps maximize your inbound marketing results
  • Dedicated marketing team working with yours on a monthly basis