We don’t want just any traffic, we want the right traffic.

Within inbound marketing, not only do we want the right traffic, we want to create the right content and send it to your target audience at the right time. Buy creating buyer personas, we are able to dissect your ideal buyer and understand what makes them tic and what their challenges and pain points are. This allows us to create the content that they are looking for, the content that focuses on and resolves their problems. Irresistible content will drive visitors to your website organically and it is essential to distribute this content on multi-channels (social media, email, content offers, blogs, etc.) guaranteeing that content is reaching your visitors how they want to be reached.

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You’ve attracted the right website visitors, the next step is to convert those visitors into leads.

Now that you have attracted website visitors, the next step is to convert those visitors into leads by gathering their contact information. To collect their contact information, we will provide them with a pertinent content offer. By doing this, we form a reciprocal relationship with your potential buyer: they have a problem that they would like to solve and you are helping them do just that. The pertinent content offer will most likely be downloadable and is created based on the detailed buyer personas that Digital 1’s inbound marketing team has built by researching your specific buyers and industry. The visitor exchanges their contact/personal information on a specific landing page contact form in exchange for this offer, and now you have a hot lead!


You’re on the right track. Now its time to turn those leads into customers.

Now that you have attracted the right website visitors and converted the right leads, the next step within the inbound methodology is to transform those leads into customers. How do we turn these leads into customers? By nurturing your lead until they are ready to become a customer. Content that is specifically created and tailored around the various stages in the buyer’s journey. During this phase, emails, workflows, lead scoring, and marketing automation are implemented to nurture the lead throughout the sales process up until they close as a customer.

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You’ve turned your lead into a customer, but your job isn’t done yet!

The inbound marketing methodology is all about providing exceptional content to your visitors, leads and even your customers! Just because they have already written you a check doesn’t mean you can forget about them. According to multiple studies, current customers spend more than new customers and this is something that we can capitalize on. After the initial sale, we will continue to engage them with valuable and timely information in hopes that they become happy promoters of your organization, services and products and the superior service that you provided them.


We want to make inbound marketing the best investment you make in your business everyday. 

We know that evaluating return on investment is key to improving and cultivating your marketing strategy. In our final step, we take a comprehensive look into your data/analytics to see how it has performed. Digital 1’s inbound marketing team will determine why a specific piece of content is performing better than another and modify and improve our strategy based on this data, bringing you the best results possible.


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